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In this class we will learn the basics about functional breathing, practice functional breathing, we will measure our CP (control pause), found out how functional our breathing is and practice how to use our breath for our benefits on every day basis.

Functional breathing is known as nose breathing 24/7 inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose softly, lightly and deeply. 

Many of us take our breath for granted. It’s such a powerful tool that guides us in many situations. 

Look at your breath as a tool that can help you see and measure your overall functioning from day to day. 

Our life started with an inhale when we were born. Why not continue using this powerful tool/our breath throughout our life functionally and leave this world with an exhale knowing we experienced the extraordinary. 

Our breath is a KEY.

Look at it as a key to unlock possibilities you had no idea existed. I want you to take the key and unlock as many gates, locks and hidden doors in your life as you want!!!!

Few of many functional breathing benefits

Our breath can

* influence 100 thousand miles of blood vessels in your body

* influence the amount of oxygen that’s delivered to your cells

Our breath does

* open up and decongest your nose

* open up your lower airways

Our breath helps

* achieve state of calmness in a state of anxiety

* increase the quality of your sleep

Our breath will

* strengthen your immune system

* and much more…….

Give yourself the gift of breathing. Learn how to breathe again functionally and your life will change forever.

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