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Keep reading to learn how this program can help you understand what an amazing tool our breath is and how to use it to achieve optimal and vibrant health and experience extraordinary life.


Lenka Dostalova

I've created this program to inspire others to use our breath as a tool to pause, to slow down and start understanding the real meaning of life.

I know what it feels like to

Wanting to live your life fully and smile because you simply can

Wanting to wake up and be excited about new day

Wonder if this faze will ever go away

Wanting to step off the emotional roller coaster but feeling the unknow is so scary

Change the way CAPITAL font with computer.jpg

Change the way you breathe,
change the way you live

Lifetime access to self paced guide

Lifetime access to breathing related scripts,

videos and library resources 

Live weekly calls

Supportive private facebook group

Bonus week


If slow paced life is intriquing you

If you want to be supported on you new journey

If you're ready to take your life into your hands

If you're ready to take your life into your hands

You're so ready you just need that extra kick in the butt to start turning your life around

Over the next 8 weeks you will learn

Week 1:  How powerful our mindset is and understanding your purpose. What we think about expands.

Week 2: Introduction to functional 24/7 breathing and measuring the quality of your breath

Week 3: How to start using your breath and practicing different breathing techniques so you can slow down and be more present

Week 4: Breath and movement. How to pick activity based on the quality of your breath

Week 5: Breath and sleep. The importance of breathing functionally so you can achieve quality sleep.

Week 6: Breath and digestion.The importance of our breath before, during and after we eat. 

Week 7: Mind nourishment. How to use our breath to slow down our thoughts processing. How to meditate and how to be more in tune with your intuition.

Week 8: Cold exposure benefits. Why is it good to introduce cold exposure into your lifestyle and breathing techniques to use in cold environment.


Gone are the days

Not knowing your priorities

Not trusting yourself and relying on others

No more I should, I have to, I must, I don't have time

No more passing through life

No more unworthiness

No more hiding who you truly are

No more negative self talk

No more I CAN'T

No more perfection

I'm on a mission to slow this fast paced world down a bit by using our breath as a guide to be more present and ready to taste the simplicity of life.

Are you coming with me? Are you ready to turn your life upside down (in a good way)?

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