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Listen to your breath

Breathing technique Delta will take you deep into a place where you’ll discover your beautiful inner soul. 

Place of peace, quiet, nothingness, relaxation. Place where you can get only while sleeping. It’s a wonderful way to find out how beautiful it is to just be, where nothing matters but us. That no one knows us better than ourselves. No one can help us but ourselves. This is a place where you feel confident and love yourself deeply.

Dive deep into your presence and feel the nothingness. This is the way we are meant to spend our life each and every day.

Full of love, peace and joy.

In this class you will learn that:

Paying attention to your breath is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

You can find out so much about yourself.

Any stressful situations, anxiety, depression, frustration, feeling unworthy can be managed with our breath and the way we look at things.

What we pay attention to expands and when we listen to our mind our body reacts.

When we realize that any feeling, any pain, anything we are going through is just information we then have the choice to decide how to receive it. 

When we make decisions based on our mind it quickly takes over and we are jumping onto a rollercoaster of limited beliefs that is hard to get off of.

How you take care of yourself is a choice.

Our body is a reflection of that. 

Take your life into your hands one breath at a time.

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