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My motto always has been:

"Sharing love and touching hearts everywhere I go"


Amy S.

Working with Lenka filled my cup and then some! We touched on all aspects of my life and created space and healing for some significant obstacles in my life. I feel wonderfully rearranged and empowered after working with a Health Coach. I feel as though I was guided beautifully into accessing some very deep conditioning and moving through that to a new, fresh place! Forever grateful!

Chrissy T.

Lenka has an incredible way of connecting, verbalizing concepts, speaking trance-like meditations or visualizations, and responding to and encouraging me in this process. I am truly a changed person. So very grateful!

Olivia S.

I was extremely happy with my experience. I felt it was easy to open up to Lenka and she made me comfortable talking about anything without judgement. She always had a supportive tone and made me feel comfortable. I really appreciated when I couldn't answer a question, find the right words, or wasn't sure how to answer she was always able to rephrase or walk me through the question in a new way so I could formulate what I wanted to say. I really appreciate the whole experience and her professionalism and kind demeanor.

Emily R.

I was instantly drawn to Lenka. She is compassionate, authentic, and gentle-hearted. I immediately felt comfortable working with Lenka and sharing the intimate areas of my life with her. She helped me focus on my goals and gave me tools and methods to take out into the world. The enthusiasm and joy she has for life is inspiring. I truly believe that Lenka has innate gifts of healing and I feel so fortunate to have my path aligned with hers in this world. She gave me the gift of believing in myself, redeveloped my ability to find connection and feel whole and confidently say YES to life again!!!

Alena S.

YOU are a miracle, Lenka!! YOU are a blessing! YOU are a loving mother! YOU are a devoted coach. YOU are a compassionate and thoughtful friend. YOU are a beautiful person on the inside and out.

Dawn M.

The experience of meditation led by you, on a warm evening, brought me peace too, as did one of my sisters, I was honored to bring. I appreciate your wisdom with health and wellness in many ways. Your positive  posts, your reverence of nature, and your teachings for well-being, bring healing to my life. Every time I tap into your posts or class offering, I can't help but smile and immediately feel transformed. 

Abby H.

I signed on with a health coach during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. I felt like I was using pregnancy as an excuse to be less than my best self and wanted to better for me, my baby, and my family. I felt so comfortable sharing with Lenka and working together to achieve my goals. I loved how the program set reasonable small changes to try each week. It wasn't overwhelming and I never felt judged or like I was being scored. The tools I was taught and given were easy to implement. Week by week I noticed positive changes throughout many facets of my life. I know many things will change as I have my baby in the next few weeks but I feel confident embarking on the next leg of my journey with the tools, lessons and support I received.

Jamie B.

Lenka, your mini session of Loving yourself was an excellent idea! I really appreciated being involved and I enjoyed it so much!! You didn’t push anyone, it was really pleasant, funny and not time consuming.

Just like you have mentioned little steps make big results... I realized your mini sessions were  little steps to be closer to your soul, little steps to feel more yourself, see your dreams and follow them....everything starts inside you. Thank y

Allie D.

Lenka Your kindness touched the bottom of my heart today. It feels so good to receive  your great energy . You  are glowing!!!

You are commercial for a happy life. Life without worries, obstacles, full of love, positive energy, happiness and sunshine. 

Andrea F.

I absolutely loved participating in your mini sessions. Hearing and sharing positive messages daily truly made a difference in my day. It is so easy to get lost in all the negativity that surrounds us every day, and your sessions were like a bright light, illuminating all the positives that we may often take for granted. Andrea Franco

Adam G.

Lenka you’re so loving and caring ……'re rainbow in humans body

Heather T.

Dear Lenka,

I'm sitting here thinking about our retreat. I enjoyed every single minute of it. I loved learning about functional breathing and the importance and practice of it. It's important and fun to think about the only time we need to have our mouth open is when we are speaking. The morning spent outside was invigorating, standing on the frozen blades of grass in our bare feet doing some stretching, learning a bit about cold therapy and the healing effects it has on our body. I loved the amazing healthy food and drink, your recipes were all so good. Thank you for sharing this truly wonderful experience with me. I would encourage anyone that is interested in learning more about cold therapy, eating healthier, or breathing to attend a retreat with you. Say YES to life and do it!

Open your heart and let your light shine

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