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Let me introduce you to possibilities that are awaiting you if you say YES to life. 

If any of these sound good to you come and spend a day with me!

Come and experience what it is like when you free yourself of all that is surrounding you triggering you to act a certain way. 

Come, pause and be YOU! 

Laugh and cry, unleash your inner child. Experience the freedom when you let go of judgment.


Spend a full day with me and learn about yourself, your beautiful soul, discover who you truly are by slowing down and listening to your own voice, breath, heart, intuition. 

Join me and unleash your inner child that has been longing to be loved and seen!


Allow me to show you that the peacefulness and joy you’re often looking for elsewhere is within you and no matter where you are you can always feel it, experience it, live it.


You will be able to taste what it is like to be in charge of your own life. The power of saying YES and NO. Knowing you no longer need to rely on others, you no longer need to escape, you no longer need to follow someone else's dream.



We will start our day by welcoming new opportunities that are awaiting us by gentle morning outdoor exercise. Greens smoothies will be served afterwards to fuel our bodies with fresh energy, followed by learning about our breath and its benefits.

We will discover how changing the way we breathe can change the way we live.


We will practice different breathing techniques you'll be able to use in your every day life and tap into the cold exposure benefits.

I will share with you how warming cold exposure can be. It might seem impossible for you right now and you might feel cold just reading it.

I was the same way until I got to truly practice it and understand what a beautiful awakening cold exposure is.


Afterwards we will work up our appetite by hiking in beautiful forest surroundings, grounding, connecting with nature practicing our breathing and cold air exposure or cold dip (depending on weather).


After delicious, nutritious, wholesome lunch we will relax into a beautiful guided meditation by me, where you’ll fall in love with yourself even more. This meditation will take you home where you feel your true self , understood, loved and happy.


We will finish our amazing day with lovely warm tea and healthy sweet snacks to honor our time together and share our experiences.


You'll be leaving with a big smile on your face, feeling loved, knowing yourself more on a deeper level, loving yourself and saying YES to life. 

What to expect

           Make this day memorable by

getting to know yourself on a deeper level. 

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