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Disconnect to connect weekend retreat

This retreat is an eye opening experience that you will carry into your everyday life. Knowing you are capable of much more than you think. 

During this retreat you will tap into your personal power. You will start understanding the importance of your own breath. It won’t be just practicing different breathing techniques……

I’d love for you to experience the WOW of simple living!!!

Be a free, independent, confident, happy, healthy human being.

I want you to fall in love with the beauty of understanding that all the tools we need to live joyful life were already given to us when we were born. 

We are relying on so many things from the outside like phones, apps, the latest gadgets…..we care too much about what others say or think of us., etc….. 

What happens if we lose all of this?

I want you to be able to use what you have within you. Believe in yourself, trust your body and your intuition.

I want you to be able to use the untapped power……your power to create your own life.


You will start understanding

  • Breath takes you closer to slowing down, by slowing down you get to feel, hear, listen to yourself more. 

  • By using your breath you can heal your body. 

  • When you slow down, it's the moment of meditation that allows you to just be and tap into the spiritual world…your higher, true self world. 

  • When you implement cold exposures and breathing into your lifestyle your entire body will get to feel its benefits. 

You will learn

  • How to use your breath during physical activities and also the importance of embracing what we call doing “nothing” in a way you never thought about. 

  • That spending time by yourself is just as important as surrounding yourself with like minded people.

  • That loving yourself, knowing who you are, believing in yourself brings happiness not only to you but everyone around you.

You will discover

  • What you put inside your body radiates through your entire body inside and out. 

  • By loving yourself you will automatically start feeding your body with nourishing meals. 

  • Our body is our temple! It’s an amazing machine that works when it’s being taken care of. It performs miracles when you treat it like a MIRACLE. 

  • It’s not about concentrating on one thing only. It’s combining them all together into a beautiful balance/harmony. 

Living your everyday life in vacation mode…..

Waking up with a smile and being excited for what the new day will bring…..


Enjoying the little things in life each and every day…..

Laughing a lot, being silly and spontaneous….

Being kind to yourself and others, being surrounded by loving people…..

Spending time in nature and being present……

Knowing who you truly are…..

Understanding your purpose……

Attracting what you deserve into your life

Do these sounds like a dream come true for you?

Come to my retreat!

        Retreat where you will fill your heart with joy and your life will forever change.

                                   It will no longer be split into reality and vacation.

                                                Your life will simply become a JOY.

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