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Are you letting fear, stress, anger in a way of living a happy, fulfilling life?

Are you loosing sleep over things you have no control of?

Do you meditate and your thoughts are taking you elsewhere?

Leave your worries behind and let’s explore our own breath.

So often we concentrate on the negative things, what's not going well, we are dwelling and holding on to what was said to us a long time ago. We allow ourselves to fall into a trap of negative emotions.

Let's talk about happiness and practice techniques that lead us to feel good for a change. Let's move our body and release tension. Let's fill our buckets with happiness and love. Let's fill them until they overflow so we can share from a full bucket instead of an empty one once for all.

I will teach you a wonderful way to relax that you can use every single day. Technique that not only relaxes you but makes a big impact on your overall being by oxygenating your body, building your immune system, helping you sleep and digesting better. Technique that slows you down and mutes all the noise around you. 

Once you understand that resting is equally important as activity you will find this meditation very practical and useful in your everyday life.

From my experience until I've learned about functional breathing (nose to nose) and how I can use it to better concentrate, let go of all the thoughts, slow down and be present my meditations were mostly guided, with music and most of all I wasn't feeling energized. Yes I felt relaxed but not always and at the beginning I wasn't even sure about it's benefits.Let me show you what can happen when you use functional breathing while meditating combining 2 breathing techniques. 


Slowing down and learning to use your breath along with your body as a beautiful tool

Whit 1st breathing techniques we will be able to get into lower frequency where you reduce your thoughts flow, slow your heart rate and get into a parasympathetic /relax mode.

Increasing nitric oxide production in your body

With second breathing technique we are going to increase nitric oxide production in our body which is very beneficial for oxygen flow and distribution to all the parts in our body (cells, organs, muscles, brain etc.)

Relaxing while healing your body at the same time

Not only you will feel energized and relaxed at the same time. You will be able to concentrate better, you will support your immune system, your brain function, your oxygen flow and most importantly you will know how to relax functionally for your own well being.

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