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Our life is a precious GIFT and living it fully is a MIRACLE. 

Somehow we think we are just outsiders and everything that is happening to us has nothing to do with us. We are paying so much attention to everything else instead of paying attention to what is happening inside of us. We believe so strongly that things from the outside can help us, save us, heal us, change us, be there for us so that we lose connection to our own world. We stop trusting ourselves, our decisions, our feelings, our beliefs. 

Loving yourself deeply

How far are you willing to go before you realize YOU are the only one who can do all of these things above? And only when you find yourself and love yourself deeply you can love others back with the same passion. You can only give what you have.


Come to any of my classes and get a better understanding of what it is like when you let go of your fears. When you stop chasing after goals, when you constantly try to be the best in others eyes, when you allow yourself to say what’s on your mind without feeling judged. 

Come and experience what it is like to be YOU. What it feels like when you listen to your intuition and allow freedom into your life. 

Love and kindness is an answer to everything

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