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Cold dip ceremony

Cold dips for me are true connection not only with nature’s gifts but deep connection with myself.

For me it's a ritual. It’s awakening, it’s rebirth it’s letting go of all that doesn’t serve me anymore.

It’s about feeling peaceful and one with water. It’s trust between you and nature. Letting go of your ego and trusting that water will allow you/take you in.

The feeling of melting away with coldness is so pure and innocent.

It’s not about how long you can withstand the coldness. It’s about feeling peaceful and one with cold water.

For me cold dips are the whole experience of hiking to a lake or creek and finding new spot to submerge and give thanks. Being humble and grateful for this pure connection.

I don’t do cold dips everyday (no one should). I listen to my body and its needs. When I feel the calling I go.

If you’re curious and would love to try this experience I’d love for you to join me.

What to expect?

We will start with an introduction about cold exposures and the benefits of it.

We will do meditation to get your mind ready for your new adventure.

I'll teach you a safe breathing technique that will allow you to enter the cold water and a few tips and tricks on how to enter the coldness.

After we get out of the water I'll teach you another movement to keep your body warm.

We will celebrate your rebirth and scream for joy.


Once you book a session with me I'll email you more information on where and when we will meet and what to bring.

Let’s shed our ego and experience nothingness.

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