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In today's fast living world we have lost touch with ourselves and the essence of just being. We gave in and our life became more about doing.

Is that where you are heading or are you looking for more balance and peace in your life?

Breathing brings us back to the Earth. It's a powerful connector between you and the source. It's slowing us down, it generates energy, it's shedding our ego, it's teaching us to be more mindful. The more attention we pay to our breath, the better understanding we have about quality of our life.

By learning how to breathe you're allowing yourself to live freely, in harmony, in balance and on purpose.

In this wonderful online,mini, breathing course we will concentrate on practicing functional breathing (nose breathing) 24/7 so when you start applying it into your everyday life you can see and feel it's benefits.  I will teach you different ways to apply functional breathing during the day so you feel comfortable doing it on your own. During each 30 minute session you will learn more about your breath and its magic. We will meet 1x a week for 4 weeks straight practicing breathing together. I will ask you a simple question each call and that will be the topic for our call. By the end of this mini course you will be amazed what 30 minutes a day of functional breathing can do for your overall being.


Some of functional breathing benefits:

1. It slows our thought processing

2 It calms us down and brings us peace

3. Helps with anxiety and depression

4. Increases the quality of our sleep

5. Strengthens our immune system

6. Slows down our heart rate

7. Connects us with our inner self

Let's breathe our way back to healthy you!

Let's practice together so we can bring more stillness, calmness and harmony into our lives and the lives of others.

Listen to your breath and let it guide you.

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