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How to make kombucha

Kombucha tasting.jpg

In this fun workshop not only you will get to taste several flavors of home made kombucha  the yummy beverage that once you taste it you'll be wanting more. 

You will learn:

* How to make your own kombucha at home

* What to use as far as equipment

* What ingredients are the best to make your kombucha yummy

* Tips and tricks on how to and what to look for when making kombucha at home

* Benefits of kombucha

* And much more

Let's get together and have some fun talking about Scoby the magical, interesting for some weird looking thing :-) that makes fermented tea into such delicious drinks. You get to feel it, explore it so once you're ready to make kombucha yourself, you'll know what it looks like and feels like and how it reacts to certain things.

I'l show you all the equipment and ingredients I'm using just to give you an idea. I'll teach you step by step how to go through the entire process of making kombucha at your home. From how to start your kombucha to how to flavor it and how to care for it. So you can walk out from my workshop with confidence, excited to experiment on your own.

And as a bonus I'll have Scoby for those who are interested and print out with steps on how to start. 

Let's sip on the goodness Mother Nature has to offer to us

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