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Hike with cold air exposure

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When I first heard of cold air exposure it sounded crazy to me. 

Why would I want to freeze my body somewhere outdoors where the temperatures are super low, hiking in snow without clothes or better yet submerging my body into freezing water when I can put a puffy jacket on instead or just stay nice and cozy at home snuggled in blankets?


When you start noticing that you want a change in your life and you work on yourself every single day everything slowly comes together.

You will realize that meditation, exercising, eating healthy foods is wonderful but when you add functional breathing, cold exposure and self love to it you enter a whole different world of living. It’s the ultimate package for a healthy lifestyle!

In this wonderful outdoor workshop we will explore and practice cold exposure benefits.

You will get to experience cold air exposure and what it feels like to be one with nature in a cold environment. 

Why is cold beneficial for our bodies

Different types of cold exposure

How to practice cold exposure safely

How often to expose ourselves to cold

Is cold exposure for me

How do I start

Come with me on a winter hike in shorts and tank top and let the cold air do its magic. See the cold as your friend and not the enemy once for all. Learn how to use your breath to warm yourself up, make snow angels and much more.

In this workshop you will tap into:

Let the purity and the spark of the snow make it's way into your heart

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