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Hiking with functional breathing 

Hiking with functional breathing flyer.jpg

In this fun outdoor workshop we will get our energy and oxygen flowing through our entire body by using functional breathing as we connect with nature and all that she has to offer. You will be able to notice all that is surrounding you by slowing down and listening to your breath. Our breath is an amazing tool that is guiding us through everyday life and is an indicator for the activities our body can handle. 

I will introduce you to the basics of functional breathing and afterwards we will get to practice it while hiking.

You will be able to listen to your breath and find out what to do when you start hyperventilating.

Which breathing technique to use when your body is out of breath.

How to prevent hyperventilating and work on raising your CP control pause so you are able to breathe through your nose (inhaling/exhaling) the entire hike. 

You will learn the importance of functional breathing 24/7.

You will get a better understanding of how our breath guides us in daily activities and will be leaving with a different point of view on how you have been using your breath till this day.

How our breath when used functionally gives us energy and speeds up the healing process after workout. 

And for those who would like to take a bit further we can experiment with hiking bare foot.

Grounding is such a beautiful experience and plays a big  part in our lives. 

Let's have some fun together! Inhale not only the fresh air but all the beauty in and let's exhale all that no longer serves our body.


Allow your breath to be your guide in life

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