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Understanding your breath and using it functionally is bigger than you think.
It effects all areas of your life from digesting, to sleeping, to energy level and consumption, your mood, your productivity, your immunity, muscle recovery, and much more 
Functional breathing isn't a few hours of breath work once in a while. This is your everyday practice. Every moment you take a breath you can make a significant difference in your well being.

And what is the best part of all of this? You’re already breathing….all you need to do is switch the way you breathe. No special tools required. All you use is your beautifully, well equipped body. Trust it and it will guide you. 

Our life started with an inhale when we were born. Why not continue using this powerful tool/our breath throughout our life functionally and leave this world with an exhale knowing we experienced the extraordinary. 

Our breath is a KEY. Our breath is our guide through life!!!

Change your breath...change your life

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